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New Course: Creating Sustainable Social Media Strategies


Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but the stories you tell. - Seth Godin

Have you ever wished for a silver bullet to ensure success on social media? Here’s the breaking news, there isn’t one.

BUT, while there isn’t a single path to success on social media, there are a variety of key things that every company must do to optimise their usage of social media. This training will provide you with the key principles to achieve social media success for your business.  

Is your company’s strategy on social media working today? How can you tell? What must you do next? Learn to read the tell-tale signs of social media success and position your brand optimally in front of millions of people on social media. You will be brought through the processes of social media brand building, marketing, content creation, communications, community management for Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and more.

Get yourself up to date with growing trend of social media and see the results immediately.


Programme Objective

Upon completion of the course, participants will have the knowledge to:

  • Understand how to evaluate and optimise your company’s social media presence
  • Develop content and ads that fit your business objectives
  • Identify the pitfalls of poor social media usage and strategy
  • A clear 7-step plan to achieving success on social media

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