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New Course: Lean IT: Making IT more effective



Lean IT is the extension of the widely embraced Lean process excellence principles and methods to the development and management of IT product and services. Interest in Lean IT has grown rapidly. More and more CIOs have realised there are significant benefits that Lean IT can bring to their organizations to reach the place of ‘better, faster, cheaper’. This course answers questions like, what exactly is Lean IT and how can CIOs leverage it.

Simple yet powerful Lean tools and methods to improve the performance of business processes in any IT organization are introduced to participants. These tools and methods allow processes to be re-engineered and improvements to be made often without any need for costly capital expenditures by simply eliminating wastes frequently found in IT organizations.

Software development and its related challenges continue to be a key area for most IT organizations. A paradigm shift is required to break free from the short falls of traditional waterfall method of software development. Agile Development provides the answer by incorporating several Lean tools and methods to achieve ‘better, faster, cheaper’ software development. We will provide an overview of the Agile framework and tools in this course through some hands on Agile activities.

Organizational cultural transformation will not happen without a change in the way leaders lead and the way work is done in the organization. Participants will be provided with exposure to Lean Ways of Working through experiential learning.

Finally, there is often a need to remove significant waste due to misalignment where teams in an organization don’t run together or in the same direction. This course will hence also cover Hoshin (or Direction) Management, a Lean business planning approach that is aimed at removing the waste of misalignment in organizations.

Reference to real-life deployments and cases will be highlighted throughout the course.

In this course, participants will ‘learn by doing’ – a key facet of Lean. This is the best way to learn. This class will make use of a number of activities and simulation runs to integrate the knowledge and learning of the key Lean concepts, principles and tools.

Course Objective

  • Understand how simple and yet powerful Lean Principles, Tools and Methods can be applied to resolve problems, and re-engineer business processes relevant to IT organizations
  • Learn crucial Agile Development Practices and Methods and how they help you achieve ‘better, faster, cheaper’ approach to software development
  • Gain exposure on how to transform existing organizational culture into a Lean culture through Lean Leadership and Lean Ways of Working
  • Know how to eliminate waste due to misalignment of plans and team efforts in your IT organization using Hoshin Management approach
  • A substantial portion of the class is dedicated to ‘Learn By Doing’ and you will learn about Lean IT through a number of activities and simulation runs

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