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Dr. Charles Ling Wins Education Leadership Award


8 August 2014 - Dr. Charles Ling Poon Teck, Director and Practice Associate Professor at the Strategic Technology Management Institute (STMI) won the Education Leadership Award, which was presented at The Asia’s Education Excellence Awards ceremony at Pan Pacific Hotel, on 1st August. The Awards acknowledge the performance of those who have demonstrated notable leadership, innovation, academic and industry interfacing and leadership development.

When asked if he was aware that he was being considered for this award, Dr. Ling said, “This award came as a surprise to me as I was selected by a global research cell and I was not aware of my nomination until the final results were announced to me. I have received various awards in the past for business outcome and operational excellence, however, this award is unique as the recognition is meant for a specific sector – education. I am proud that within a short time-frame of four and a-half years, the hard work and contribution of the STMI team is recognised. I am deeply honoured and humbled by the recognition. Though the Education Leadership Award is an individual award, it should go to the STMI team for without the team effort, we would not have achieved so much within such a short time-frame.”

In response to the question of what sets him apart from the rest, Dr. Ling explained, “I think I am a trailblazer for new ideas and constantly pushing the envelope to engage industry. I think being industry relevant and that our clients are able to apply our training into their work set us apart from the competition. My work in STMI is to shape the vision and strategy, ensure that the institute is well-positioned and focus on what we do best, which is technology management. When we first started, we developed a vision to be the leading institute in [the] field of strategic IT management and to be the Asian gateway to world-class executive training. We have [since] evolved from offering [a] wide spectrum of industry-related training to launching our Master Certificate Programme on CIO Practices, and it has been an enriching experience for the team in STMI. As this is an Asia's Best Education Award, it further recognised and reinforced our vision as an Asian gateway and [the] leading position of our programmes.”

STMI provides training that is intended to best reflect the present and emerging needs of the Infocomm industry. The STMI approach combines the rigour of the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) system, with cutting-edge research by the NUS School of Computing. STMI adopts a strong industry orientation to ensure that its trainees are taught relevant competencies, best practices and necessary job skills to keep pace with the rapid developments in the Infocomm sector.

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First participant to be awarded the Master Certificate on CIO Practices

Congratulations to Mr. Raja Boopathy, the first graduate of the Master Certificate Programme on CIO Practices!