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Mr. CHEE Yuh Min

chee yuh minMr Chee Yuh Min is currently a Director in IT Consultancy and Services (Singapore) Pte Ltd. He has solid 25 years of working experience in IT industry. In his career, he worked for Singapore National Computer Board, Singapore Network Services Pte Ltd and two major leading IT Outsourcing Services providers namely Electronic Data Systems (EDS) and Hewlett-Packard (HP) Company. In total, he worked for EDS and HP for 15 years as Director of Service Delivery and Account Director. In October 2009, he left HP in the capacity as the South East Asia General Manager for Outsourcing to pursue his career interest in IT management consultancy.

Yuh Min has in depth experience in IT operation, process, business management and customer engagement. In many cases, he is able to share examples to illustrate how IT issues were dealt with in practical situation. In fact, he uses mainly case study and discussions in the courses he conducts.

Yuh Min graduate from National University of Singapore (NUS) majoring in Economics in 1985. In addition, he holds a post-graduate Diploma in System Analysis from the Institute of System Science, NUS. He is also a Certified Senior IT Outsourcing Manager by Singapore Computer Society.