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Mr. Paul THAM


Paul Tham is a seasoned professional in managing partnerships for large multi-national companies. Overall, Paul Tham has almost three decades of extensive business management in Asia Pacific including Japan, Australia and People’s Republic of China working in a few large US multi-national companies including HP, Compaq, Digital Computer Corporation, Sun Microsystems Inc and Oracle Corporation.

As a strategic results and people oriented business manager, Paul’s extensive experience range from general business management, leading people to managing partners as well as customers. His track record includes leading the APAC services partner operations that span more than US$100M costs of goods sold using project management skills, building of indirect business from 10% to 50% between 2004 and 2009 through channel strategic business development in new market opportunities, implementing partner enabling ecosystems that facilitate partners to resell / co-deliver services and directing the outsourcing of service delivery to subcontractors by setting target date without operational risk exposures.

Paul’s specialisation is in a spectrum of partnership management that included suppliers, subcontractors, vendors, distributors, resell channels, teaming partners and joint ventures with a focus on elevated levels in service delivery to customers. His interest spans across the domain of partner management and related behavioural studies. Paul received his Bachelor of Business with Distinction in Marketing and Finance from Curtin University, Western Australia.

Curtin University, Western Australia.