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NICF - Business Driven Enterprise Architecture (MDM)

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Relevance of Business Architecture
Business architecture is the blueprint that aims to fulfil the business strategy. It is an operating model designed to operate in unison amongst its various components, these components are Goals, Facades, Processes, Entities and Communication. By modelling these components, the Business Architecture created and maintained enabled the business to intentionally direct the organisation towards the stated strategy.

These models also allow in-depth analysis of interactions within the organization, with customers and third parties. Modelling of processes, business entities and communication enables the business to understand the gaps between the business strategy and operating model – thus enabling senior business executive to quickly troubleshoot and fix gaps.

About Business Architecture
Business architecture is the “how” to align operating model to the business strategy. It describes the components, the approach and the on-going process to manage the architecture effort. Traditional Enterprise Architecture (EA) has tended to be more Information Technology linked, the current and future state of EA is towards a more business oriented approach – hence Business Architecture.

About this course
This course is aimed at providing an understanding of business architecting – Enterprise Architecture through a business oriented approach – hence the name Business Architecture.

This course is aimed at providing an understanding about the concepts, components and process for planning, kick-start, implementing and improving a business architecture process within the organization.

Who should attend?

For senior business, IT management and senior business analysts involved in and overseeing the business strategy implementation of IT.


Course Fees


International Students

Singapore Citizens

(aged between 21 and 39) or

PRs (aged 21 and above)

SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy 

(Singapore Citizens aged 40 and above)

Singapore Citizens (Workfare Training Support scheme)

Enhanced Training Support for SMEs^

Full course fee






GST (7%) on full course fee






Less: Funding Amount






Total nett course fee payable, including GST







  • Individual Sponsored 
    • Eligible Singapore Citizens can use their SkillsFuture Credit to offset course fee payable after funding
  • Company Sponsored 
    • Absentee Payroll claimable by SMEs: Up to 80%of hourly basic salary capped at $7.50/hr
    • Absentee Payroll claimable by Non-SMEs: Up to 80% of hourly basic salary capped at $4.50/hr
    • Absentee payroll claimable by companies (SMEs and Non-SMEs) sponsoring candidates under WTS Scheme: Up to 95% of hourly basic salary

Upon successful completion of the course and passing the assessment, the participants will be awarded

  • Certificate of Completion from NUS
  • Statement of Attainments (SOAs)
    • LPM-RLT-501C-0 Foster business relationships
    • BM-KM-403E-1 Establish documentation policies and processes
    • BM-SPI-502E-1 Communicate organisational vision, mission and values
    • BM-SPI-503E-1 Establish and evaluate systems to achieve organisational targets
    • BM-IM-501E-1 Facilitate innovation process within the organisation
    • IT-IA-505S-1 Design business architecture

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