Adjunct Associate Professor YU Chien Siang


Prof Yu Chien Siang is the Chief Innovation & Trust Officer for Amaris AI, an AI startup that offers full stack AI as a service. He was the Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) of a department in the Ministry of Home Affairs and later of Certis Cisco. In this role, he pioneered and developed new AI systems, i.e. embedded AI for low power and low cost edge systems, led a Malware and IoT Security Lab, as well as a Robotics and Drones Lab. Prior to this, he was the most senior Computer Security Consultant at the Singapore government. He was awarded the Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft Scholarship to pursue his studies at a German university and graduated as a Data Systems Engineer. During his study, he received training at the Siemens Research Laboratory and IBM R&D Laboratory in Boblingen. He has been working in the Civil Service since 1981 and was awarded National Day Honours, the Public Administration Medal (Silver) in 1993 and (Silver) Bar in 2004. He was also given the Cyber Security Hall of Fame in 2018, an inaugural professional category award from AISP and supported by the Cyber Security Agency.

He has been active in the fields of IT leadership, innovation development and its related cultural transformation and IT Security for more than 30 years. During this time, he led numerous national-level IT projects in information security such as the Electronic Road Pricing (ERP), Standard Operating Environment (SOE) etc., IoT security via the ANSES project and homeland security, developing workflow and people identification operational systems. He was instrumental in evolving many advanced systems architecture used in the public service and the fundamental mechanisms required for their large systems rollout. He invented unique low cost smart card readers, strong cryptographic systems, more efficient protocols and fault tolerant designs. He was also a pioneer in robotics cum drone and AI hacking and new ideas like adaptive security (Liquid Defence) and Security by Design.

In addition, he is teaching a series of AI courses, titled Eureka!AI for C-suite and modern cyber security for CISOs at NUS and the undergraduate course on “Introduction to Cyber Crime”, but now renamed as “Introduction to Cyber Security” in his capacity as Adjunct Associate Professor at the Department of Mathematics of the National University of Singapore. He was an ex-President of the Singapore Microcomputer Society, a pioneer in the exploitation of microcomputers and a regular speaker at government events, being the founder of the Governmentware show. He has also been one of the judges for the RSA Innovation Sandbox since 2014. He is currently a member of ITSC, worked on ISO security standards and was involved in the early days of the AISP.