Dr Anand Bhojan

Dr Anand Bhojan graduated with B.Sc. in Computing with Gold Medal from Bharathiar University in 1994, Professional Masters in Computer Applications from Bharathidasan University in 1999, PGC in Teaching Higher Education from University of Sheffield, UK in 2003 and P.hD. from NUS in 2011. He received research achievement award and his thesis was nominated for best PhD thesis award. He is a member of the Communication and Internet Research Lab (www.cir.nus.edu.sg) and Graduate studies committee. He is the founder of Anuflora Systems (www.anuflora.com) and Virtual and Augmented Reality Labs (www.varlabs.org). He is the Associate Editor of Computers and Electrical Engineering Journal, Elsevier. He is the  Vice President of International Researchers club, Singapore. He has been serving as Organizing Chair and Program Chair of several International conferences and in the Program Committees of several International conferences. He has given Keynote talks in IEEE/ACM International Conferences.