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IT Leadership Programme (ILP)

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CEO/CFO perspective of IT
As the global economy becomes progressively information and communication intensive, IT professionals need to be empowered with the knowledge, skills and abilities that technology offers. The changing of the workforce into one that is increasingly diverse and globalized poses new challenges and requires a new breed of leader who is able to capitalize on the strengths of past leaders while developing his/her analytical skill set. Moving a step up into IT leadership requires many of the characteristics common to all leaders, particularly, a keen insight into technology’s impact and the readiness to embrace change in this fast-paced technology revolution. As we see an emerging IT leadership paradigm, it is evident a well-rounded, skilled, and instinctive IT leader could be nurtured through effective leadership training, a deep insight into technological innovation and a sound understanding of business impact. Gain real world industry insight as we invite successful industry leaders to share their values, wisdom and thought processes that they harness. Through such knowledge and a unique perspective, participants are offered a chance to leverage on the experiences of these industry movers and garner a deeper understanding of the industry mechanics.

Leadership and Talent Management for IT Managers

Relevance of Leadership and Talent Management
There is a growing need to better manage IT – to survive the ever more demanding stakeholders and to manage an IT organisation in a shrinking talent pool of IT skills. The basis of IT leadership begins with personal management – so the discussion starts with how a leader prepares and “groom” the leadership qualities required to survive and to thrive. Various “deep-dives” are then discussed, managing stakeholders, managing demand pipeline, succession planning, managing talent, managing office politics and managing innovations, etc. These topics are essential and relevant to today and tomorrow’s IT leaders.

About Leadership and Talent Management
Leadership and Talent Management deals with the development of IT leaders, master self, and then mastering the management of stakeholders and leading the IT organization.

About this course
This course is aimed at providing tools for a leader to further hone the required leadership qualities; it will cover key techniques / tools in order to manage stakeholders successfully. The course aims to:

  • Develop a habit of constantly upgrading personal effectiveness
  • Develop a set of practical and useful tools to manage stakeholders and IT teams

Course Leader

Mr. Ng Tiong Gee

Value and Innovation of IT

Relevance of Value and Innovation of IT
The need for improving the management of IT Value and innovation is currently more important than ever before. It has come to the fore as IT has moved to centre-stage in many if not most organisations, consuming significant resources and impacting business in dramatic ways. Senior IT and business executives need to be able to manage IT Value and Innovation to harness IT’s transformational potential to uplift and fulfil business strategies as never before. Hence the management of IT Value and innovation becomes key to enterprise growth and success.

About Value and Innovation of IT
Value and Innovation of IT addresses the way leading IT-enabled organisations achieve strategic alignment between business and IT through maximizing the business value of IT, and fostering innovation.

About this course
This course is aimed at providing an understanding about the concepts, principles and methodologies for planning, architecting, and implementing technology-enabled innovation, for the purpose of achieving business transformation. The course, “Value and Innovation of IT has been developed to cover the following Competency Units of the National IT Competency Framework (jointly developed by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency and the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore):

  • Determine appropriate IT strategies and solutions
  • Develop transition strategy for a system

Course Leader

Mr. Jack Chiam

 Course Fees
Course Fee   S$4,800
7% GST     S$336
Total Course Fee payable including GST   S$5,136

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