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Managing Innovations with Security

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This course uniquely covers key concerns from cyber security for IT leaders when managing their new IT developments, operational risks and innovation challenges, striving to balance the need to move technology forward quickly but still requiring a strong dose of caution and the wisdom to avoid disastrous failures or expensive mistakes. It is a primer for difficult risk taking and agile execution, enriched with practical guidance and advice, encompassing a comprehensive set of both technical and non-technical issues. The content is solidly anchored on the sound principles of Security, Privacy and Resiliency by Design.

Programme Benefits
The course improves competitive capabilities via faster project execution and decision making. It identifies the key areas that require cultural and organisational transformation that will facilitate higher agility and stronger efficiency using lean methods and DevOps. As it offers an easy to follow methodology that will start the projects on a right path, by incorporating security designing as the core of strong system architecture, it reduces both project risks and costs. In gist, it facilitates smart procurement and shows how to maintain highly effective cyber defences without stoppages, despite fast changing technologies. Importantly, the course also shows how to fight off high level state-sponsored cyber attackers and criminals, as it focuses on how to build cyber defences comprehensively; hence getting organisation and senior managers ready for Smart Nation, as we face its impending pervasive computing and IoT roll-outs. This will be especially pertinent for those operating Critical Infrastructure.

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to Innovation with Security
  • The new disruptions from Cloud, IoT , Fintech, Big Data and Mobile Systems
  • Driving and seeding corporate innovation and partnership
  • Risk taking as a science and as an art
  • Agile development and DevOps
  • Case studies based on past large projects
  • Technical examples: Hybrid Cloud, Big Data and real-time intelligence
  • Bring Your Our Device (BYOD) mobile system challenges
  • Maintaining and upgrading cyber defences as technology changes
  • Security by Design
  • Defeating advanced attacks
  • Critical infrastructure issues, including Privacy and Resiliency by design
  • Smart procurement
  • Human resource development & talent management
  • People issues of cyber security and Shadow IT
  • Security awareness user training, made easy

5 years of cyber security experience and 3 years of infocomm background

Who should attend?
Senior IT auditors, Chief Information Security Officers, Chief Information or Chief Data Officers and those who are senior cyber security professionals, requiring leadership executive training and innovation knowhow.

Course Fee

Discounted Course Fee   S$2,250.00
7% GST     S$157.50
Total Nett Course Fee payable including GST   S$2,407.50

There will be additional 10% discount for group registration of 3 participants and above

*All discounts are subject to change by STMI


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