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Modern Cyber Security Technologies for Senior Managers (SkillsFuture Series)

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This course updates senior cyber security professionals in an urgent and compact manner on all key cyber security developments, e.g. how the landscape has changed very quickly and which would be the best solution to attack the many “hot” and pressing problems that the organisation is now facing. By making sense of new trends and attack incidents that often appear confusing, it creates Eureka moments to resolve conflicting requirements with urgent deadlines via a methodology that makes the complex easy to understand. More importantly, it explains how the implementation strategy could be quickly internalised, communicated and then converted into fast action. Its powerful narrations will highlight the new types of cyber security opportunities, exposing many such well kept secrets. Interestingly, many are with almost no cost. A key take-away will be its comprehensive coverage of all strategic transformations in the cyber security industry today, e.g. the need for automation, non-signature defences, the rise of cloud security and Docker containers, big data security, mobile security, new cryptography and new hardware like Intel’s security instruction sets and GPUs.

Programme Benefits
The course addresses continual learning and the shortfall in knowledge and experience regarding latest developments, as many busy executives have been struggling to keep up with new solutions and the high complexity of today’s digital revolution. Critically, it provides key insights and advice for practical and much needed problem solving, which will build up confidence for decision making. This will  protect the organisation from the menace of organised cyber crime and advanced state attackers, avoiding massive losses or even company closure when successfully attacked (no longer if, but just when). By providing guidance on the latest or pending future products, a large part of the cyber security expenditure will be saved or the money will be better spent. In addition, it helps the student to communicate the urgency required, not only when in crisis but also in everyday planning.

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to the latest developments and its DNA
  • New forms of cyber attacks
  • The offensive industry, how new cyber weapons are emerging
  • Biggest shortfalls and gaps when defending
  • What the enemy fears most and their greatest weaknesses
  • Key Trends for problem solving
  • Cyber Security automation, AI and Deep Learning
  • Cost Improvements and Project Operationalisation Strategy
  • New Cryptography and its latest problem solving
  • Security for collaboration systems
  • Big Data security
  • Isolation technologies such as data diodes, RDP etc.
  • Mobile Security and BYOD
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Managing Shadow IT
  • Critical Infrastructure security and IoT
  • Improvements in point solutions:
    • Anti-leakage
    • Anti-Exploit (signatureless anti-malware)
    • Whitelisting
    • Win10 security
    • Data Diodes
    • New Biometrics
    • Patching
  • Liquid Defence Framework that is agile and self-organising
  • Defeating Advanced Attacks and getting the Board to know this
  • How to develop own capabilities to better exploit the industry providers

3 years of cyber security experience and 3 years of infocomm background

Who should attend?
Chief Information Security Officers, Chief Information or Chief Data Officers and those who are senior cyber security professionals, e.g. security consultants, architects and designers, product developers and integrators, requiring a highly condensed technology refresh and an update of the latest cyber security technologies, now ready and available for urgent problem solving.

Course Fee


International Students

Singapore Citizens

SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy

(Singapore Citizens aged 40 and above)

Singapore Citizens (Workfare Training Support scheme)

Enhanced Training Support for SMEs^

Full course fee

S$ 2250.00

S$ 2250.00

S$ 2250.00

S$ 2250.00

S$ 2250.00

Less: SSG Grant Amount (S$ 1575.00) (S$ 1575.00) (S$ 1575.00) (S$ 1575.00)
Nett Course Fee S$ 2250.00 S$ 675.00 S$ 675.00 S$ 675.00 S$ 675.00
GST (7%) on nett course fee

S$ 157.50

S$ 47.25

S$ 47.25

S$ 47.25

S$ 47.25

Total Nett Course Fee Paybale, including GST S$ 2568 S$ 722.25 S$ 722.25 S$ 722.25 S$ 722.25
Less: Additional Funding if eligible under various schemes

(S$ 450.00)

(S$ 562.50)

(S$ 450.00)

Total Nett Course Fee Payable, including GST, after additional funding from the various funding schemes

S$ 2407.50

S$ 722.25

S$ 272.25

S$ 159.75

S$ 272.25


  • Individual Sponsored
    • Eligible Singapore Citizens can use their SkillsFuture Credit to offset course fee payable after funding
  • Company Sponsored
    • Absentee Payroll claimable by SMEs: Up to 80%of hourly basic salary capped at $7.50/hr
    • Absentee Payroll claimable by Non-SMEs: Up to 80% of hourly basic salary capped at $4.50/hr
    • Absentee payroll claimable by companies (SMEs and Non-SMEs) sponsoring candidates under WTS Scheme: Up to 95% of hourly basic salary


Course Leader

Professor Yu Chien Siang


Fill up the application form (Download the application form) and email to  stmi@nus.edu.sg

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