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Business Intelligence Analytics (SkillsFuture Series)

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This course will introduce the participants to the essentials of business intelligence. It is primarily targeted towards consumers of business intelligence (BI), such as business managers, business executives, financial analysts and market researchers, who are interested in learning about BI concepts, process, tools and technologies and how to leverage them in their organisations. The participants will learn how to use tools for multidimensional reporting; pivoting tables; slicing and dicing of data; drill-downs and drill-ups; and other business analytic operations. They will also be exposed to popular data mining algorithms and learn how to apply those algorithms for business applications such as sales forecasting, target marketing, customer relationship management, market basket analysis and campaign effectiveness. They will receive hands-on training with BI tools for performing business analytics, mining business data and measuring business performance. The course will include several real-world cases of BI applications in domains such as marketing, finance and travel.

Who should attend?
Data/Information Analysts, Business Analysts, Marketing Research Executives

Knowledge of basic probability and statistics, linear algebra and programming is useful.

Course Fees


International Students

Singapore Citizens

(aged between 21 and 39) or

PRs (aged 21 and above)

SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy

(Singapore Citizens aged 40 and above)

Singapore Citizens (Workfare Training Support scheme)

Enhanced Training Support for SMEs^

Full course fee

S$ 2400

S$ 2400

S$ 2400

S$ 2400

S$ 2400

Less: SSG Grant Amount (S$ 1680) (S$ 1680) (S$ 1680) (S$ 1680)
Nett Course Fee S$ 2400 S$ 720 S$ 720 S$ 720 S$ 720
GST (7%) on nett course fee

S$ 168

S$ 50.40

S$ 50.40

S$ 50.40

S$ 50.40

Total Nett Course Fee Paybale, including GST S$ 2568 S$ 770.40 S$ 770.40 S$ 770.40 S$ 770.40
Less: Additional Funding if eligible under various schemes

(S$ 480)

(S$ 600)

(S$ 480)

Total Nett Course Fee Payable, including GST, after additional funding from the various funding schemes

S$ 2568

S$ 770.40

S$ 290.40

S$ 170.40

S$ 290.40


  • Individual Sponsored
    • Eligible Singapore Citizens can use their SkillsFuture Credit to offset course fee payable after funding
  • Company Sponsored
    • Absentee Payroll claimable by SMEs: Up to 80%of hourly basic salary capped at $7.50/hr
    • Absentee Payroll claimable by Non-SMEs: Up to 80% of hourly basic salary capped at $4.50/hr
    • Absentee payroll claimable by companies (SMEs and Non-SMEs) sponsoring candidates under WTS Scheme: Up to 95% of hourly basic salary

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“The delivery and sequencing of the materials was good. The decision tree and probability calculations was challenging & stimulating (love it). The pace was comfortable for non-IT participants.”