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Strategic IT Sourcing (MDM)

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Relevance of Strategic IT Sourcing
The evolution of IT Sourcing as a key strategic tool continues to create advantages for businesses that deploy and manage it well, as IT’s impact in the enterprise becomes pervasive. Companies and governments around the world now recognise Strategic IT Sourcing as a global imperative – strategically placing business operations offshore or onshore, driving the achievement of key business objectives. These developments have given rise to an industry that is worth many billions of dollars today and growing significantly into the future.Both profit and not-for-profit enterprises are increasingly outsourcing IT for a variety of reasons, such as concern for cost and quality, lagging IT performance, supplier pressure, and more recently, innovation and agility. Indeed, Strategic IT Sourcing is a harbinger of the transformation of traditional IT departments and provides a glimpse of the emerging organisational structures of the information economy.The outsourcing solution is acceptable to large and small enterprises alike because strategic alliances within this space are now more common and the IT environment is rapidly changing. Nonetheless, outsourcing alliances are complex in nature and evolve over time. Key decisions involved include when to outsource, how to structure, and managing the resulting alliance.

About Strategic IT Sourcing
IT outsourcing has evolved and morphed over the last 20 years to a variety of forms and operating business models today. Strategic IT Sourcing focuses on the strategic forms of IT outsourcing – which include business process outsourcing, multisourcing, “cloudsourcing”, and newer models of joint-ventures, partnerships and acquisitions. The enterprise Strategic IT Sourcing strategy should have a symbiotic relationship with the enterprise business strategy: on the one hand, it should be driven by the business strategy; and on the other hand, it should drive the business strategy. Cost and the bottom-line have been primary considerations in recent outsourcing decisions, especially in offshoring. Competitive advantage and the top-line should be equally important considerations. Operational and tactical decisions driven by short-term cost considerations alone may be detrimental to the enterprise strategy in the long-term. There are many types of costs: some are manifest and others are latent; some are short-term and others are long-term. There are also many sources of competitive advantage. The costs and the sources of competitive advantage change with time.

About this course
The 3-day course, “Strategic IT Sourcing” has been developed to cover the following Competency Units of the National IT Competency Framework (jointly developed by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency and the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore)

Who should attend?
Senior IT executives/managers, Procurement executives/managers

Course Fees

Discounted Course Fee   S$2,400
7% GST     S$168
Total Nett Course Fee payable including GST   S$2,568

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” The framework, materials provided in the course can be good reference for my future work in the related area. Overall, it provides a comprehensive landscape of IT outsourcing.”